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Benefits of using Facebook for a business

To have a Facebook page for your business has many benefits to showcase your products and services and build your online reputation, brand and customer retention. Today I shall discuss this in more details.

Low-Cost Marketing

Gone are the days that a business has to use the YellowPages and print media to market their business. Facebook and other social media websites have a low-cost marketing strategy compared to print-based media advertising. This type of marketing would be ideal for small and local businesses that have a limited marketing budget.

Easily share of business information

Facebook allows a business to publish their business name, address, website, hours of contact and other contact details for customers and viewers of your business page. This information can be easily managed as your business progresses and grows. Videos and pictures can be easily shared, and is an influential method of marketing and presenting your products and services.

Customer Support / brand reputation

A customer can post up their questions or concerns and this can be effortlessly managed by an employee of your business. This can also be beneficial for a business and its brand reputation as good customer support does go a long way! Friends, and friends of friends will share, like and comment on your Facebook page and this will assist in building your online reputation within the Facebook community.

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