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Below I will discuss some tips on how to market your business website online so that you can have recognition and expand online.

Be consistent

This may be hard as we all have full-time jobs, but if you may schedule a couple of hours per week to market and go through the implementation and delivery phases of your business, this shall help get you to your goals.

Decide on an ideal website name

We all have seen websites that have strange URLs that don’t go in-line with the business. Think of a good business name and try to get a website address to match.

Choosing the right website technology

Static HTML/CSS websites are hard to maintain especially if a person does not know how to code. Decide on an online CMS system as WordPress or Joomla as these content management systems are content driven and the design is based on a template. For more technical implementations you should hire a professional web designer.

Google Maps

Once your website has been created its time to market it online. A good place to start is Google Maps. Google Maps lists local businesses within their area and is an ideal place to bring in more customers.

Social online presence

It is important to build social media profiles on social website such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. To have an online presence within these online networks assists in making your business more authoritative and trustworthy.


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How to setup a successful web marketing promotion on the Internet http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/setup-successful-web-marketing-promotion-internet/ http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/setup-successful-web-marketing-promotion-internet/#respond Mon, 28 Oct 2013 01:18:45 +0000 http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/?p=2024 Read more…]]> When it comes to web marketing, there is a lot of marketing varieties a business or person can consider to market their website from PPC campaigns, Adwords, video, and organic listings (the free listings in Google). Today, I will discuss the kinds of marketing a business can consider.

If a business already has a website and desires to have instant traffic I would advise that they set-up a Google Adwords campaign while they are building their traffic in organic search results. This type of approach will not only provide potential revenue, but will also allow them to shape and brand their marketing.

If a business specializes in graphic design, weddings or uses a lot of photos, like in an online store, I would suggest they use Call to Action (CTA) Marketing. This form of marketing prompts a user to click on a graphic or banner text ad with regard to a sale or sale promotion.

Build an online and local presence within directories such as Google+ Local, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, White Pages and Yelp. This assists with build your local search results and online reputation. In each of these directories provide all of your business contact information like, hours of operation, contact info and photos/videos of your business.

Show-off your website and set-up social media marketing profiles for your business which can include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Post up interesting facts related to your business category, photos, videos and create and share attention-grabbing stories.

I hope that the above online marketing tactics provide your local business with customers and potential revenue. Not only are these methods cost-effective but they also provide a business with an online reputation that is up-to-date with today and with Google.

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Google’s Hummingbird Update and your SEO Efforts http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/googles-hummingbird-update-seo-efforts/ http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/googles-hummingbird-update-seo-efforts/#respond Tue, 08 Oct 2013 23:42:21 +0000 http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/?p=1985 Read more…]]> Google has recently introduced an algorithm update call “Hummingbird” and there has been a lot of speculations and assumptions if website rankings will drop, how Google will decide page rank and page authority, and whether there are new SEO strategies that people need to be considered.

Rest assured nothing has altered with regard to white-hat and ethical SEO techniques. If people are following Google’s SEO guidelines than their online rankings should not be affected by this recent change.

The Hummingbird update is an update to check if a website has original, relevant content and if the websites linking back are of high-quality, in a sense its Google’s attempt to try display only relevant search results to a user’s search query.

The key to understanding SEO is to recognize what Google’s goals are and to surround your marketing initiatives around this. Google notion is to display accurately what a user wants based on the criteria entered. Google is on a spring cleaning mode to remove spam-based websites from search results and this can be seen by Panda and Penguin updates and in the Hummingbird update should not be seen in any difference.

To have a more comprehensive understanding on the Hummingbird Update I suggest you view http://searchengineland.com/google-hummingbird-172816

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Website Branding Considerations for Web Marketing http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/website-branding-considerations-for-web-marketing/ http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/website-branding-considerations-for-web-marketing/#respond Wed, 02 Oct 2013 00:26:04 +0000 http://www.creativewebsitedesigns.com.au/?p=1970 Read more…]]> There are many mistaken beliefs of what web marketing is and most significantly how web marketing is valuable for an online website. The internet has grown rapidly and has become more prevalent than conventional forms of marketing such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, flyers and TV trailers. Today, I will talk over some points to use when embracing web marketing and what to consider.

Branding: Know your brand. Online Marketing is not only about being seen, but also appealing to your customers. Build your website and target your keywords for the market niche you are trying to appeal to.

Website Structure/Visual Appeal: A website re-design will not only give your website a fresh look, but also help in determining which pages convert better and which pages to lower bounce rate conversions. Furthermore, it’s essential to build a website that is mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive as more people are using mobiles and Google and online search engines are using this metric in their algorithms.

Navigation: Ensure to use easy to navigate menus and sidebar-menus that are designed for people and search engines. If you have a large website, it’s vital to use sub-menus and categorize content, this will lower user bounce rate and search engines can easily index your website which will also aid with online rankings.

Mechanical SEO: Ensure that your website page load times are at a minimum as visitors will not appreciate waiting lengthy periods of time for information that is loading. Also, insure that your website code is W3C complaint and without errors as search engines only read websites in code and this will assist with rankings.

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