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Internet Marketing Statistics 2013

Internet marketing and Social Media is growing at a rapid fast rate as more and more users embrace social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will be looking at some interesting facts about social media in the world of SEO.
From these facts its important for a business to use the correct marketing initiatives when advertising their website.

60% of twitter tweets come from apps.
In 2010, 25 billion tweets were sent from users.

Users: Facebook has over 350 million active users.
Penetration of Population: 54.77%.
2.5 million pictures are uploaded on people’s walls each month, and is the 2nd ranked website behind Google.

Users: 2,400,000.
When looking for occupations, 55% of people use LinkedIn.
LinkedIn generates 50% of its profits from Job postings and Ads.
74% of LinkedIn users have been to university.
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Website Success Tactics for 2013

It is important to consider how a combination of Social Media and ethical white-hat SEO promotion tactics help grow a website online. Below are some tips which are still very relevant and critical today.

Google Local Search

This is more targeted towards local SEO optimization. Build up your business profile so that customers can find you locally in search results.

Load time

It’s important to keep your website pages lightweight and have a good hosting provider. Google now considers this factor in their search ranking algorithms.

Consider Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn pages

Having a Social Media page(s) helps build your brand awareness and online marketing. It’s important to have these social platforms within your marketing basket.

Have a mobile site

More and more people are using mobile devices and smartphones, so having a mobile version of your website will increase a business’s chances of being found online.

Check Google Analytics

Always check your Google Analytics statistics so that you know how your online marketing initiatives are performing.

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Choosing the right SEO Services

local seo service

What are SEO Services?

SEO services are about building trust, reputation and brand awareness online so that your company website is highly ranked within search results. Having an effective SEO service is critical and is the best form of marketing as well as the most cost-effective in the long run.

Having The right SEO Services

Having a professional SEO agency to handle all your SEO services and marketing is the most important thing to do even if one knows about SEO. They will assist you with building your website(s) trust, reputation and brand online using white-hat legal techniques. There are many aspects that make up a good SEO service.

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SEO Tools to Maximize Company Profits

Many SEO companies use powerful SEO tools to ensure their clients are receiving the best earning potential for success online. These tools incorporate keyword analysis and various analytical techniques to analyze traffic conditions for the best ROI for their clients website and business. It is imperative to target the prime search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing as these return the best value within search results for individuals searching for your products or services cialis online cheap. Daily searches from individuals will give your website targeted traffic online and ultimately receive additional traffic.

One factor to remember is that search engines change there algorithms when ranking websites and its important that an SEO company has the latest SEO Tools to Maximize Company Profits and to keep your website current.