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Building a professional LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest social networking platforms for people and businesses, this is a great place to build and create connections. Having a LinkedIn business profile helps build your company awareness and company identity among other business professionals looking for your products or services. Furthermore, LinkedIn profiles have a high PR, which helps with SEO and being indexed in Google Search results.

Below is an effective user guide to setting up a professional LinkedIn profile for your company/business.

Building your company profile:

  • Company Type: Is your business public, private or self owned.
  • Company Size: The size of your company.
  • Company Website URL: Company website address.
  • Main Company Industry: Specific industry of your company.
  • Year Founded: Founded year of your company/business.
  • Logo: Upload a company logo.
  • Company Description: Describe what your company does.
  • Company Specialties: List of your company services or products.


Having a LinkedIn profile will aid in connecting your business with new potential customers online and help brand your business as an authoritative figure within your industry.

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SEO Tips & Techniques 2012

As more and more businesses are becoming aware of the necessity of implementing good SEO practices, Google has recently changed there algorithms and a lot of uncertainty surrounding the topic lingers online; This is evident as you scan and read online blogs and websites. Below are some essential SEO tips that can be implemented on your website, blog and SEO campaigns.


  • Do keyword research for your website and analysis your competition.
  • Implement SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Have unique Title and Meta-descriptions on every page.
  • Create great and unique fresh content: Google loves to see fresh content on a regular basis. This is good for link building and is a great method of showcasing new products and services.
  • Build links with authoritative directories: DMOZ, Yahoo, BOTW,
  • Have a social media marketing strategy within place: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+
  • Install Google Analytics, this is imperative as it assists with how well your website is performing and you are able to create conversion goals and tracking features.
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Local Business SEO Tips

It’s one thing to have a visually appealing and beautiful website, but if it is not ranking locally you are missing out on potential online sales and leads.

Below are some Local Business SEO Tips on how to optimize your website to achieve high rankings on Google and the local search engines.

Target Audience

One of the most important things to consider before commencing any SEO is to define your target audience.  What type of people do you want visiting your website? It’s imperative to define your user market niche and target your SEO and keyword research to improve your local business SEO.

Title Tag

The Title Tag is one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO and describes to search engines what the page is about. When optimizing Title Tags they should be descriptive and unique and communicate the keywords of your business.

Physical Address (NAP)

Your company name, address and phone number (NAP) should be included on every page of your website within the footer section. Google now uses this to rank websites locally within search results.

Internal Linking

A website should have internal linking structure set-up correctly. When a user navigates from the Home Page to any other page within your website it should be easy to navigate back and forth from related pages to the Home Page. This also makes it easy for search engine crawlers to navigate throughout your website.


The above strategies will give your website a solid foundation locally with the search engines and improve your local SEO.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below!

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Constructive Stratagies When Approaching Web Marketing

There are many ways that one can market their products and services online through web marketing. Through the internet this has been made easy for website owners, but many businesses cannot devote their time due to their busy schedule.

Social Web Marketing

Social web marketing has become increasingly easy to stay in touch with customers, promote your services and engaging in customer feedback. Social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn enables website owners to having a direct link with their customers on a 24 hour basis.

PCC Web Marketing

Pay-per click (PPC advertising) enables websites to instantly have traffic to their website based on targeted keywords on their selected industry. This is a cost effective form of advertising in reaching a mass audience, as you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.