There is a difference between web design and web development. Most of the time people confuse and misinterpret the two terms. Both of these titles are different. Today, I shall discuss these two terms in more detail.

What is web designer?

Web design is the front-end facing side of a website and a web designer will focus on website usability, customer interactions and how the site looks. Usability is so important to a website as we don’t want frustrated users not interacting with your website due to bad design. Web Designers take into consideration everything user’s views on your website. Below are some of their areas of focus in more detail.

  • Information, how it needs to be displayed and conveyed in a way that is easy to read for viewers
  • Overall site layout and navigation
  • Font, buttons, headings, and form layouts
  • Creation of graphics and imagery for a website
  • Flash development

What is Web Developer?

A web developer focuses on the back-end code and the programming of the website which incorporates the functionality, data processing and coding logic. A web designer focuses on the type of logic and functionally we want our website to create. This might be an e-commerce website, form membership, newsletter and membership sign-ups, and database maintenance.

Deryn Johnstone

I operate my business Creative Website Designs. My specialties are in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, PHP, OpenText, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Word press, and Joomla. I formally worked as a web developer and SEO Specialist for Bell Potter Securities, Exa and Arrows Internet Marketing.

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