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Essential Qualities to Look for In a Website Design Company

EssentialQualitiestoLookforInaWebsiteDesignCompanyHaving a website that is attractive, easy to use and search engine friendly is an essential part of the web development process, but also most importantly is hiring the right web development company that can create your online vision. To have an online web presence these days is vital for any business, as it means that you can market expand your business, improve credibility and have a 24/7 turnaround online. Thus, below i point out some qualities to look for when in web design company.

When hiring a website firm

Having a website that is eye-catching, easy-to-use and search engine friendly is not only a vital part of the web development process, but also most importantly, hiring the ideal web development firm that can create and maintain your website.

When hiring a web development company there are many questions one should ask themselves such as asking the designer of any past websites they have created, talking with the web designer about your specific needs, what are my main goals/purpose? What is the overall feel/design of my website? These questions are imperative and will assist in the overall web design factors and goals that are trying to be accomplished.

Web Designer Experience

All web designers have a unique style when developing websites and this is portrayed in the certain elements that they practice when creating websites for their clients. It is important to see their online portfolio so you can make a sound judgement on whether they are suited to the specifics of your website project.

Most respectable web development firms will issue their clients a wire-frame of the website they are creating; this is like a mock-up of how your website will look. This will include the header, navigation structure, banner and page elements that will make up the website arrangement.

Experience is another important factor and the quality of the firm’s business. Some common questions one should ask themselves are:

  • How much time will they be spending on the project?
  • Do they charge a flat rate or an hourly based fee?
  • Does the cost of the project match to the deliverable outcome?
  • Types of client they have worked with before (portfolio)?
  • Do they retain their clients on an ongoing basis?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some web designers promise that they can achieve first page rankings on Google and the major search engines, this type of promise is misleading as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialized field and there are many factors at hand for a website achieving high rankings within Google and Yahoo.


Cost is an essential part of the web development process and one should be weary of web development firms that overcharge their clients for small and minor changes to page elements. This is not an honest or morally ethic, quality on any level.

Many web design firms will design or purchase a client’s website with a template. A reliable and strong web design firm will design a client’s website from scratch which will be tailor made to their specific business requirements and needs. When a website is being created it needs to be original and reflect the overall specific theme of the business. I have seen many web design agencies charge ridiculous prices to their clients based on a predefined online template.

Web Design firms such as Creative Website Designs will give you an honest and reliable service if you are in need of a web solution. We provide a wide range of web design services, and can custom web design a solution for your business requirements.

I operate my business Creative Website Designs. My specialties are in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, PHP, OpenText, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Word press, and Joomla. I formally worked as a web developer and SEO Specialist for Bell Potter Securities, Exa and Arrows Internet Marketing.

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