Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media websites on the Internet. Due to Facebook and its influence on users and businesses, it’s important that everyone should embrace Facebook for business growth and the potential this has online.

Today, I will take you through some Facebook tips that anyone can use for their business and hopefully receive more “Likes” and “Call-To-Actions” and popularity.

  • People like seeing pictures, and the saying “A picture says a thousand words” is true when communicating on Facebook. Utilize photos in your posts to receive more likes and comments from users. If your businesses is in clothing or retail this is essential.
  • Embed YouTube videos to communicate to users; this is fun and interactive for people.
  • Post on a regular basis to communicate your product or brand, Facebook users login at least once a day to preview their wall posts.
  • Engage with users and reply to comments that they make on your posts. This demonstrates that you are real and interactive, and this adds value to your expertise.
  • Create a cover image that best communicates and describes your business, products and brand.
  • Provide your business information and contact details, people like to know if a business is real and authentic.


Have any Facebook tips of your own? Post them up here and let us know your thoughts on this article.

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Deryn Johnstone

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