Google recently this month updated their search engine algorithms on how they rank websites online. This was introduced with the Penguin update. This means that we should amend our website to make the best possible rankings online.

Google is more specific on how it judges and ranks websites, so websites that are of low quality, relevancy to search terms, duplicate content, spam linkages will be most affected by these new changes.

Google is now also focusing on Social Media,  so as business owners our website needs to embrace social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google + and share and promote our services though viral marketing.


Below is a checklist on ways to embrace the above:

1. Embrace Social Media: Get people to share and promote your services.

2. Blog: Google loves fresh and exciting content. When you blog on a regular basis, not only this assists in online rankings, but also helps build your brand, keeps readers to come back and helps build trust within your market niche.

3. Take advantage of Google + this is like the new Facebook. Promote and advertise your services and build your circles.


If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us, comment or give us a call on 0403 317 381.

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