Google search is one of the most robust and most used search engines for users to find information; this information can be in the form of websites, images and videos. All search engines rank and organize websites based on a special algorithm that only the search engine company knows. Google has over 200 ranking factors they use to rank a website online.

Spiders and crawlers are automated programs used by Google to rank a website and base it against its internal ranking factors based on the keyword a website is trying to establish rank for.

Online ranking aspects for a website

  • The number of times a keyword is mentioned within the page content and used on the page title tag.
  • The domain age of a website. Google has more trust for website’s that have been around longer.
  • How large the website is. The number of pages a website and the number of external relevant website’s that a website is linking too. (Directories, blogs, social media pages).
  • The frequency of content creation. Google loves content and content is king when it comes to SEO.
  • Website structure and the platform in-use. WordPress and Joomla are ideal alternatives for creating a website as web content can be easily managed and the website structure can be easily crawled and read by search engines.

I hope that this article was insightful and perceptive on how Google works and ranks websites online. If you are in need of a website give us a call or use our online form to email us!

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