Google is now competing with other social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to be the most well-known social media platform by producing Google+.Today I shall discuss some Google+ tips and tricks on generating more follows and building your brand, products and services.

  • When you are sharing an awesome post for people to read its important to share it to the public so everyone outside of your circles can observe and read this. This will assist in building up your brand awareness, followers and online trust.
  • Making the cosmetics of your posts elegant is another important consideration. Bold words and italicizing important keywords in content assists readers with understanding important pieces of your post. To bold: *bold*, italistics: _italics_
  • An RSS feed can be created with external RSS feed tools so that you can share your posts on your personal or business website.
  • Google+ has inbuilt photo editing tools so that you can enhance and beautify your photos. Photos assist with user engagement and having higher post views.
  • Some Google+ profiles don’t incorporate their profile picture and cover photo, this looks unprofessional. Don’t forget to include these within your Google+ profile.
  • When chatting about another Google+ user, you can type the + symbol and this will display their profile within your post feed. This is very similar to Facebook, agree?

I hope that is article was helpful, let us know by posting your comments in the comments section underneath. Furthermore, we will love to hear of any other tips and tricks you may know of with Google+

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