Google has recently introduced an algorithm update call “Hummingbird” and there has been a lot of speculations and assumptions if website rankings will drop, how Google will decide page rank and page authority, and whether there are new SEO strategies that people need to be considered.

Rest assured nothing has altered with regard to white-hat and ethical SEO techniques. If people are following Google’s SEO guidelines than their online rankings should not be affected by this recent change.

The Hummingbird update is an update to check if a website has original, relevant content and if the websites linking back are of high-quality, in a sense its Google’s attempt to try display only relevant search results to a user’s search query.

The key to understanding SEO is to recognize what Google’s goals are and to surround your marketing initiatives around this. Google notion is to display accurately what a user wants based on the criteria entered. Google is on a spring cleaning mode to remove spam-based websites from search results and this can be seen by Panda and Penguin updates and in the Hummingbird update should not be seen in any difference.

To have a more comprehensive understanding on the Hummingbird Update I suggest you view

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