Google is always updating its algorithm to provide a search user with the most relevant topic on what they are searching online. Most of these changes are minor, but occasionally Google will provide major updates and this can affect online rankings for a website. Below are some of the major updates that have happened.

 Top heavy – 2014

Everyone gets irritated with websites that have little content, look spammy and have a lot of banner ads that distract users, so does Google! This recent update ‘top heavy’ was launched on February 6, 2014.

Google Penguin – 2013

Google Penguin was launched to penalize websites that do not follow the Google guidelines. Web sites that used ‘black-hat’ techniques to manipulate search data were also penalized. It’s imperative to read up on Google guidelines and login to your webmaster tools account and correct any errors that are displayed.

Google Hummingbird – 2013

Google Hummingbird was launched so that when Google indexes a website it can read this in a more human-like manner, hence online search rankings were affected.

Google Panda – 2013

Google Panda was aimed at “low-quality sites”. 12% of websites online were affected with this rollout. Web sites that were not updated on a regular basis or that had ‘thin content’ were the ones penalized.

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