Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the 3 most top search engines that people use to find and search for information. Have you ever wondered how they rank data within online search results?

Every search engine has a secret hidden algorithm on how to rank and order online data and Google is now exception, Google uses over 200 considerations on how to index online data. All search use programs, called spiders and crawlers to index websites.

How a website ranks depends on a few factors:

  • The frequency on indexation depends on how frequent a website’s content is updated. Google bots are always looking for more information, so blogging daily or weekly is important.
  • How long of a period of time a website has been around. Google trusts websites that have a longer domain age and authority of overall links.
  • Google takes into consideration how many ‘votes’ or ‘likes’ a website has, the technical term for this is ‘backlinks’.
  • On-page SEO, how clean is your websites code? If a website has disordered code it may harm how Google index’s and crawl’s your website. It’s important to follow Google’s SEO guidelines and HTML naming conventions of page elements.

View the below video “How Search Engines Work” by Matt Cutts an SEO expert that works for Google. This video explains in more detail for the SEO enthusiasts, enjoy!

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