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How to recover from a Google SEO penalty

Has your website been deemed a penalty by Google? Have you lost online search rankings and traffic? The industry of web marketing and SEO is continuously altering and refining and Google are always changing their algorithm to judge websites that have no relevance to a user’s search query, or websites that use unethical (black hat tactics) to improve online rankings.

First of all, we have to focus on the issue Google considers unethical and rectify this so that our rankings improve. This can be an extensive process, but is critical to recovering from Google’s penalty.

Below I will discuss certain ethical (white hat) tips to improve your web rankings so that your website is valued by Google.

  • Content: Provide quality and valuable content for your website users; don’t duplicate other people’s content as this is not favored by Google and search engines. Invest in a CMS to make the process easier as static HTML websites lose rankings within search. Post content on a regular basis to improve your website’s value in the search results. People like to come to a website that is always up-to-date as this provides value for people and search engines.
  • SEO Link quality: When building links invest in quality, trustworthy links considered by Google and SEO consultants. Low-quality directories are worth zilch and this can harm your SEO prospects and marketing.
  • Social Media: As part of Google’s new 2013 updates they now have a favorable view of social media and the reputation a website has within these platforms. Build-up your social media marketing and post valuable posts or tweets for your users.

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