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Internet Marketing Statistics 2013

Internet marketing and Social Media is growing at a rapid fast rate as more and more users embrace social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We will be looking at some interesting facts about social media in the world of SEO.
From these facts its important for a business to use the correct marketing initiatives when advertising their website.

60% of twitter tweets come from apps.
In 2010, 25 billion tweets were sent from users.

Users: Facebook has over 350 million active users.
Penetration of Population: 54.77%.
2.5 million pictures are uploaded on people’s walls each month, and is the 2nd ranked website behind Google.

Users: 2,400,000.
When looking for occupations, 55% of people use LinkedIn.
LinkedIn generates 50% of its profits from Job postings and Ads.
74% of LinkedIn users have been to university.

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