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Local Business SEO Tips

It’s one thing to have a visually appealing and beautiful website, but if it is not ranking locally you are missing out on potential online sales and leads.

Below are some Local Business SEO Tips on how to optimize your website to achieve high rankings on Google and the local search engines.

Target Audience

One of the most important things to consider before commencing any SEO is to define your target audience.  What type of people do you want visiting your website? It’s imperative to define your user market niche and target your SEO and keyword research to improve your local business SEO.

Title Tag

The Title Tag is one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO and describes to search engines what the page is about. When optimizing Title Tags they should be descriptive and unique and communicate the keywords of your business.

Physical Address (NAP)

Your company name, address and phone number (NAP) should be included on every page of your website within the footer section. Google now uses this to rank websites locally within search results.

Internal Linking

A website should have internal linking structure set-up correctly. When a user navigates from the Home Page to any other page within your website it should be easy to navigate back and forth from related pages to the Home Page. This also makes it easy for search engine crawlers to navigate throughout your website.


The above strategies will give your website a solid foundation locally with the search engines and improve your local SEO.

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