Web Development

OpenText content editing Publishing Pages

  1. Using the OpenText CMS locate where you would like to edit existing content.
  2. Click the  red dot  for the content you want to edit.
  3. Select the Edit red dot for the corresponding content you are looking to make changes to.
  4. Make the appropriate changes in the editing box and click OK.
  5. Save the page by clicking the save Save red dot.

You can force the publishing of a page if required:

  1. Navigate to the required page
  2. Click the upper most Red Dot to open the page
  3. Right click on the page
  4. Select Publish Page
What does this mean?

  • Publishing following pages: This forces a publish of all the child pages of the current page when publishing this page also
  • Publish related pages: This will publish pages that this page links into

opentext page editing publish

You will see the following prompt – in most cases, you should also check Publish all following pages and Publish related pages. The other option are mostly relevant to the developer so you can ignore them.

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