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OpenText content workflow management

Approving or rejecting content

Only Editors and Administrators have access to approve or reject content submitted into the workflow of OpenText.

  1. Select the tasks tab and click on pages waiting for release
  2. To release one item to workflow just right click that item (or for multiple items check each items checkbox)
  3. Select Release to approve the content item or Reject Page to reject the item.



Taking a content item out of workflow

A user can (prior to it being released) remove their items out of workflow. This is usually done if they have been notified that there is another change or something similar. The following steps should be followed:

  1. Access the Tasks tab and expand all relevant pages
  2. To reset right click the given item
Taking a content item out of workflow
Taking a content item out of workflow

3. Select Reset to Draft

4. To refresh the lists and check that the item has been successfully reset to draft status, click the Tasks tab

What do these OpenText options mean?

  • Reset Page To Draft Status – takes item out of OpenText workflow and puts back in ones draft list
  • Create Shortcut in Clipboard for Page – This option adds the selected item(s) into the clipboard for connecting or for later use
  • Select All pages – Selects all items
  • Clear Page Selection – Unchecks all checked items.


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