OpenText Management Server Useful Tips

Delivery Server Application Restart Procedure

The following steps can be followed when wanting to restart the OpenText Delivery Server Services
1. Logon to the associated server
2. Open Services interface
3. Find the service Verity K2 6.1 Administration Server and stop it
4. Find the service Apache Tomcat DeliveryServer and restart this service
5. Go back and restart Verity K2 6.1 Administration Server
6. After a couple minutes the Delivery Server should be fully functional again*

Note: For a full reboot nothing needs to be done as all items run as services*

Management Server Application Restart Procedure

For the Management Server (CMS) best to restart the whole server as there are several services involved in the CMS the list of services are:
• RedDot Data Service
• RedDot Object Service
• RedDot PageBuilder Service
• RedDot ProcessServer Service
• RedDot RQL Service
• RedDot WebClient Service

Note: In the event of a major outage ensure that the database servers are started first as the OpenText application and CMS servers all use the database for configuration and information.

Clearing of Cache in Delivery Server

This should only be done as directed by Developer or Web support.

  1. Login to the Delivery Server Web Interface
  2. Click Administer Delivery Server
  3. Expand Monitoring the expand Cache
  4. Click Show Component Cache
  5. Click clear all caches and then click back

Troubleshooting Web Site Running Slow

If the website is running extremely slow and often timing out (not responding/loading): Check CPU on server if this is peaking then possible causes are:

1a. Verity search engine has locked up.
a. Try restarting the Verity Service (won’t effect site except for search results while restarting)
b. If this fails then Restart the Apache Service (will kill current sessions and not allow access until loads the service up)

2b. If CPU not peaking then check if Apache Tomcat Service is running

  • If not then restart
  • if it is then access the admin interface and login as administrator, if this doesn’t load then restart the Apache service
  • If this loads then check the project locks and/or active sessions
  • If nothing strange then copy logs and restart Apache tomcat service, then raise an issue with OpenText and send them the logs.

User unable to login

1a. Check if locked in database table (there is an automated account unlock process in production that cleans this up after 15 minutes)

2b. If no data returned check if it exists and is locked in Delivery Server
a. Log on to Delivery Server web interface with Administration rights
b. Click Administer Delivery Server
c. Expand Users
d. Click Find
e. Enter the username and click Ok
f. If the user exists will appear in the list click the username (if not here then not currently registered for new site)
g. Check the current status
h. If Inactive or Locked then set to active and then click Ok (user should be able to login now)

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