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OpenText Workflow and publishing

There is a two stage workflow in place to ensure content is approved before ‘going live’.

The Tasks tab at the top of the screen allows the user to see what is in the workflow.

Note: Authors can only see the items they have worked on. Administrators and Editors will be able to see everyone’s changes in the workflow

Submitting to workflow

The following steps should be followed by users to submit their content for approval before it can be published.

  1. Access the Tasks tab
  2. Under My Pages is a list of all the pages that are either in Draft or that have been submitted to Workflow. TIP: Expand and of the pages by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. If you have done it correctly, it will change to a ‘-‘ icon.
  3. To submit one item to workflow just right click that item (or for multiple items check each items check-box)



4. Select Submit to Workflow.

5. To refresh the lists and check that the item has been successfully submitted to Workflow, click the Tasks tab.

What does it all mean?

  • Submit to Workflow – Submits the selected item into the queue for approval
  • Undo Changes – This will revert the item back to the state before the changes were applied (take caution when selecting this).
  • Create Shortcut… – This option adds the selected item into the clipboard for connecting or use in later stages
  • Preview in Redlining Mode – Provides a preview of the changes that have been made. Exemplified in the screen shot below.
  • Select All pages –Selects all content items
  • Clear Page Selection – Unchecks all.

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