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SEO and Website Design Tips | Important SEO Factors To Consider

web content writingAlthough SEO is an important process when generating traffic to a web site through guest posting, blogs, social media marketing and directory submissions. There are also on-site SEO website design factors that need to be considered, such as, meta-tags and search engine compliant on-site coding practices.

Search engines read websites in a hierarchical manner, top to bottom, so ensuring that your website is free of HTML, CSS and JavaScript errors will help search engines easily read your website structure, which will also assist with your online Google rankings within search results. Visit W3C Markup Service http://validator.w3.org/ to validate your website.

SEO website design factors to consider:

  • Ensure h1 tags are properly used when separating content from images
  • Images have correct file-names and alt tags when targeting keywords and search related terms
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are w3c compliant
  • Ensure website page names are SEF (Search engine friendly), this includes having proper naming conventions in place for page titles and page names.
  • Keywords and search terms for page titles, page names and images are utilized
  • Google can’t read flash or flash elements which also are not mobile friendly, so it’s more ideal implement JQuery or JavaScript for animation purposes.

Make sure that you are using search terms in the following areas on your website:

  • Title Page Tags
  • Keywords and meta description fields
  • Navigation and menus
  • ALT text for images
  • Image ALT tags and TITLE fields
  • Primary pages throughout your website
  • Footer links
  • Heading Tags – H1 , H2, H3

Avoid these common SEO website design factors to boost and enhance your online rankings. With these simple SEO factors in mind you can ensure that your SEO efforts will be successful.




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