SEO Friendly CSS code for better web designCSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets and is a language used to present a website in a beautiful and semantic fashion. CSS can be complicated for the first time web development or UX designers, but in this article I would like to mention some web design tips and guidelines that can be incorporated to code proper CSS.

  • Indent your CSS code for stress-free reading so that it’s not straining on a person’s eyes, also a web designer is less likely to make inaccuracies, and CSS code is more maintainable and workable.
  • Commenting CSS code will also keep code clean and easy to read for any alterations that might be required.
  • Have classes and ID references that are logical and easily understood. Foreign class names are problematic to maintain with regard to CSS structure and code.
  • Use DIVS as an alternative to TABLES when presenting and rendering content as DIVs are more flexible than TABLES with relation to layout and presentation of content.
  • Use CSS debugging tools like (FireFox Web Developer or the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar) and or the W3C CSS validator to check for any errors that may arise.
  • Use external CSS code references to load CSS files as this optimizes a website and its page loading time.

The above are some SEO Friendly CSS tips that can be incorporated into your website or your next website development project.  I hope this article was informative and I would love to hear from you. Share your CSS tips and thoughts that you have by posting and commenting below.

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