SEO Google content writing tips

Many of us have come across websites that have poorly written content where the owner has tried to over-optimize keyword variations and repeated keywords in order to rank high on Google and search engines. This poor naive conceived attempt is detrimental a web site and its authoritative presence as well as its marketability.

Have Keyword Variations.

Having keyword variations not only describes your business, but also determines other keywords that are relevant to your website online. Have a pen and paper ready and jot down what you believe best describes your business. There are tools like Google Keywords and Word Tracker which both provide a detailed list of relevant keywords that best suit your website.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are keywords which are cost-effective for both organic “natural listings” and paid “PPC advertising”. They are a combination of 3-5 keyword item phrases when one is searching online for a specific phrase. In terms of SEO, having long-tail keywords in your content assists with making it appear more natural which also can drive in more targeted online traffic to your website.

Keyword Variations – Long-tail and normal keywords

Have a variety of word forms, acronyms and normal keyword phrases when deciding on writing your content. Not only will this drive traffic to your website, it will also sound natural when a potential customer reads your content and you won’t run into problematic concerns with keyword density issues.

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