social-media A lot of web and online marketing experts will confirm that Social Media marketing will improve the ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ website rankings on Google and other major search engines, which will result in a higher PR or page rank, thus receiving more views. Sharing a page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks improves ‘social awareness’ on these networks and does not relate or correspond to higher Google indexation.

Google’s view on Social Media

  • Google has mentioned that they are not using Social Media signals within their ranking algorithm for websites.
  • Social Media websites use ‘no-follow’. This is a HTML tag that instructs search engines not to pass PR (page rank) on websites. A website can be shared and it may receive a lot of likes and shares, but it will not pass PR.
  • Google is more concerned on how much content is being published on an active basis. (They suggest that this should be at a minimum once a week). Posting content that is relative to the search term for that post is the best method of gaining Googles trust for higher rankings.

What is Social Media all about?

Social Media is all about online promotion and providing people with awareness on topics of the day; and these topics can range from major new events to business promotion or daily news feeds from friends and family. From a SEO perspective this is all about online exposure for content and receiving the most likes from people in a persons circle or group.

From a business perspective, I believe that Social Media should be used for content publishing for the purpose of bring traffic to a business so that customers and users have online awareness about what is going on with a particular business. People like to know that a business or website is active, so actively engaging within social network platforms provides a business with potential medium to grow.


People are free to happily debate my views on Social Media about Google by commenting or leaving a post below. Happy posting!

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