A user cannot open a website page – their browser reports the website is not available

  • Open the website, and verify that it is up and running.
  • If the website is OK, then the user experiences a problem connecting to the Internet or resolving our websites Internet address. This is a problem on the user’s end, and must be resolved by their local IT support

A user clicks on a link in the website and gets the message “Page Not Found”

  • A website can constantly evolve. New pages can be created; old pages can get deleted. Some links may become obsolete and will no longer be available. This is normal behaviour.

A user cannot refresh a page on the website – old page is coming up every time

  • Some users access our website from different networks. These networks (and ISPs) make use of proxy servers that may temporarily cache web pages in their memory. Although people make every effort to instruct proxy servers not to cache pages for prolong period of time, it is still possible that some pages may remain in the cache for too long and are not refreshed in time.
  • Ask the user to change the caching setting in their browser: set “Check for newer versions of stored pages” to “Every visit to the page” and see if it helps. If not, then –
  • This is a problem on the user’s network and can be addressed by their IT support

A user experiences one of the issues – Buttons do not click, links do not work, pages do not display correctly or appear blank etc.

  • This is a browser related problem. To resolve the issue it is critical to find out which browser version user has got. A list of supported browsers.
  • If the issue occurs in one of the supported browsers, escalate the issue to your Web Team.
  • If the issue occurs in one of the old, outdated browsers, advise user to upgrade their software.
  • If the issue occurs in a current, but unsupported browser, refer the issue your Web Team.

The website does not look correct. The text is too large or too small, the page is very small or very large

  • This may be a browser related problem or the user may need to adjust the website font settings
  • To adjust the website text size
    In the top right corner of the site page you’ll see text size: A A
    Click on the smaller or larger ‘A’ to achieve the desired resultIf the issue is the browsers*text size then instruct the user to adjust the size of the text for the different browsers as below:
    Go to ‘View’ in the browser toolbar
    ‘Text Size’ and click on ‘Medium’
    Go to ‘View’ in the browser toolbar
    ‘Page Style’ and click on ‘Basic Page Style’

    If the issue is the browsers*page size and layout then instruct the user to adjust the magnification for the different browsers as below:

    Go to ‘View’ in the browser toolbar
    ‘Status Bar’ and reset the page magnification to 100% in the bottom right of the browser window.
    Go to ‘View’ in the browser toolbar
    ‘Zoom’ and click on ‘Reset’

Deryn Johnstone

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