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The use of blogs can be an effective tool to generate interest in ones site, it allows users to get quick insights into what can sometimes be a complex subject; there are two key forms of blogging being interactive and informative. Generally blogs should allow anonymous communications this makes people more open to discussions; however abuse of the system would need to be monitored and addressed accordingly.

Interactive blogs

These types of blogs allow visitors to leave comments and continue on discussions allowing others to add their opinions, extra information or clarification. By allowing UniSuper members to interact with blogs gives them the feeling of having a voice (obviously within reason) and can also help get information about the effect of changes (not just web based) realitively quickly.

Informative blogs

These blogs work more like a journal or commentary of specific issues, changes or information. For UniSuper this could include blogs from the CEO, Experts in specific fields, maybe even a technology blog (note these can be used both internally and externally) and can replace the old newsletter style process of communication.


A forum is similar to a blog in that it allows users to interact by responding to others comments or discussions, creating their own discussions look at this site. Forums are often used to help solve issues, allowing other people to discuss their own experiences or to provide input about a specific topic. Forums are more formalised and require that the user identifies them self before they can make comments.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

This provides a simple method for website users to keep up to date with changes and information on a website; it is primarily suited to blogs, news articles, audio or video. It provides a standardised format for notification that includes summarise text, metadata (like publishing dates, authors, revision numbers)