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Improving sales with an attractive website design

web design trends 2013Web site design has advanced substantially over the years. Earlier websites from the 1990s presented users with animated GIFs, frames, music on play and scrolling text. Web sites were designed without the usability for the user or having website design trends factored. Today websites are modern, designed with the user in mind and are easy to navigate.

Design of a great website 2013

It’s imperative that a website is not overwhelming or confusing for the user, this will not only frustrate the user, but people will not read what your website is about. Text should be separated with images, and headings should divide content into logical sections. Having larger images on a website are pleasing to the eye, and is a good technique for marketing to showcase your business or product. The content should also be relevant to the user and the information presented. It’s also important to stop using flash based elements on a website.
Responsive layouts that adapt to mobile devices is also critical, information should be beautifully presented on all mobile devices. People today are using mobile phones more than they did decades ago, so your website should adapt.

CSS3 and some of the new styling technology should also be considered. One important website CSS property is transparency. With no Photoshop required you are in control of the transparency in your website styling.

Infinite scrolling is also important. First made popular by pinterest, this allows content to “auto scroll” when loading, which is also a great user experience.

User interface design can be complex, but if you keep these modern day website trends in mind your website will stand out from the competition.