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OpenText opening Pages

When you log into OpenText, you will see the start page of the current project you are working on. Within SmartEdit, you will get one or more OpenPage RedDots. For each OpenPage RedDot, there is one page which can comprise of one or more elements.

To note, one page can contain several pages and hence several OpenPage RedDots.

    • Navigate to the page that you want to edit.
    • Click an OpenPage RedDot and the page opens. The OpenPage RedDot is replaced by a ClosePage RedDot.

Creating OpenText Tables

          • While editing or creating content in the HTML editor, you be capable to generate tables for a page.
          • Position the cursor to where you want to insert the new table.
          • Select the table icon from the OpenText menu list.
          • Use the graphical UI table selector to generate how many rows and columns you want to generate with the wizard. (Just like in MS word).

OpenText Tables

CSS class appearance

You can apply styling to a table using the CSS class appearance. This holds all of the table templates for the data tables

OpenText CSS
OpenText CSS Styles

IMPORTANT: Do not copy and paste tables from another application (e.g. office word, excel, PowerPoint etc) as it is likely to require manual formatting before applying the telerik table wizard styling. To manually change html style tags, you will need to edit the formatting via the source code.