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From these facts its important for a business to use the correct marketing initiatives when advertising their website.

60% of twitter tweets come from apps.
In 2010, 25 billion tweets were sent from users.

Users: Facebook has over 350 million active users.
Penetration of Population: 54.77%.
2.5 million pictures are uploaded on people’s walls each month, and is the 2nd ranked website behind Google.

Users: 2,400,000.
When looking for occupations, 55% of people use LinkedIn.
LinkedIn generates 50% of its profits from Job postings and Ads.
74% of LinkedIn users have been to university.
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Why having a mobile website is important Wed, 20 Mar 2013 01:07:58 +0000 Read more…]]> In the past very few people had a mobile version of their website, but now more and more businesses are seeing the advantage of having one. Below are some reasons on why you need a mobile version of your website.

  • Visitors are mobile; at least 1 billion people in the world are using smartphones.
  • Mobile websites ensure that your business stands out from your competition and is user-friendly for users.
  • Mobiles and tablets are highly sociable as people use social networks on a daily basis to share content.
  • Mobile advertising is popular and Google earns a lot of revenue from this type of marketing.


In need of a mobile website?

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