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Twitter is the second largest social media website alongside Facebook, so ensuring that your tweets on Twitter engage the followers is important. Today I will discuss some tips on improving Twitter engagement which in turn, will also improve social commitment and followers.

Avoid overuse of hashtags

I am sure we all have seen the overuse of hashtags on Twitter. Twitter hastags are important for being acknowledged for that keyword (hashtag), but just like overdoing keywords on a website hastags makes your tweets look spammy.

Use of images equal more re-tweets

That old saying, “A picture tells 1000 words” is true in the artistic word; it’s also relevant within the SEO/Social word. The use of images within tweets increases social interaction and hence, equal more re-tweets.

Use of humour in Tweets

Everyone loves to have a good laugh. Brighten up someone’s day buy using humour within your Twitter tweets. There is nothing better than using humour!

Tweet something valuable and educational

Don’t we all hate tweets about what someone has had for breakfast or what type of clothes they are wearing today, I know I do. Tweet something valuable and educational, this could be anything; a business concept, tutorial website etc.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter just like Google has Twitter Analytics which shows which tweets which have performed better overtime. It displays engagement statistics like Link Clicks, Retweets, Favourites, and Replies.