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Posted by Deryn Johnstone on

Web Marketing through Social Media Platforms

Many of us know of web marketing through search engines and PPC campaigns, but also a website should be using Social Media platforms in their online marketing.

Social Media marketing is a cost effective, simple to use, targeted and free method of advertising your website online. Social Media is also a dominant force in online advertising, and should be a priority in your web marketing toolkit. The key to web marketing is to attract the widest kind of audience based on your marketing initiatives.

Social Media Marketing benefits and Objective Planning

Social media marketing can aid with a websites conversion and customer retention by building:

  • Online brand awareness
  • Website traffic
  • Online social conversion
  • Popularity and brand identity

It’s essential to have a plan established well in advance when creating your online business profile with Social Media. What are you trying to achieve? Who is your target audience and why? Scoping out these queries initially will help generate a strong online reputation with Social Media.

Tracking competition and determining success with Google Analytics is vital when determining what approaches are working and which methods are not, and this can also give you a vast amount of social media statistical insights and marketing techniques that you may have missed initially.

To measure success when tracking competition is vital and can provide valuable data. What are their marketing strategies? Where are they advertising?  These queries can be found through competition analysis, keyword research and social media insights.

Popular Social Media Platforms

Below are some specific popular social media platforms that one should advertise through when founding their online reputation.

  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest (Ideal for retail and photography based websites)