Tips on converting online website traffic into sales

Once a website has been created, the next stage is converting website traffic into online sales and leads. How can this be achieved? We can understand user engagement by using website aesthetics and proper website UX design best practices.

Website aesthetics involve making it clear and coherent to a user what your website services and products are about. If your website has a clean and fresh design, then people will be less confused when navigating your website, bounce rates will be at a minimum and your website traffic will be at a higher rate.

The navigation also plays an important role when converting traffic into leads. Questions to ask are, “Is my website easy to navigate?”, “Are my products and services placed in a logical hierarchical order?”. Making navigation items easy to find will reduce people from leaving your website and being frustrated.

Call-to-actions inform a  website user on how they can interact with you on a personal level. This can be in the form of a product or service message that persuades a user to click on a button ‘Get a free quote’ or ‘Email us to find out more’. Key tip is to place your most important services, offers or discounts that you are offering within the CTAs.

Online videos are also a vital method to increase traffic and user engagement. Sign-up for a YouTube account and post-up videos that are in your field of expertise. Videos can be in the form of informative topics, helpful tutorials or informative videos about your business and what it is achieving.

Deryn Johnstone

I operate my business Creative Website Designs. My specialties are in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, PHP, OpenText, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Word press, and Joomla. I formally worked as a web developer and SEO Specialist for Bell Potter Securities, Exa and Arrows Internet Marketing.