There are many mistaken beliefs of what web marketing is and most significantly how web marketing is valuable for an online website. The internet has grown rapidly and has become more prevalent than conventional forms of marketing such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers, flyers and TV trailers. Today, I will talk over some points to use when embracing web marketing and what to consider.

Branding: Know your brand. Online Marketing is not only about being seen, but also appealing to your customers. Build your website and target your keywords for the market niche you are trying to appeal to.

Website Structure/Visual Appeal: A website re-design will not only give your website a fresh look, but also help in determining which pages convert better and which pages to lower bounce rate conversions. Furthermore, it’s essential to build a website that is mobile friendly, responsive and adaptive as more people are using mobiles and Google and online search engines are using this metric in their algorithms.

Navigation: Ensure to use easy to navigate menus and sidebar-menus that are designed for people and search engines. If you have a large website, it’s vital to use sub-menus and categorize content, this will lower user bounce rate and search engines can easily index your website which will also aid with online rankings.

Mechanical SEO: Ensure that your website page load times are at a minimum as visitors will not appreciate waiting lengthy periods of time for information that is loading. Also, insure that your website code is W3C complaint and without errors as search engines only read websites in code and this will assist with rankings.

Deryn Johnstone

I operate my business Creative Website Designs. My specialties are in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, PHP, OpenText, HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Word press, and Joomla. I formally worked as a web developer and SEO Specialist for Bell Potter Securities, Exa and Arrows Internet Marketing.

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